Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals

We see many animals around us. Some animals live in the forest. They are called wild animals. Some animals are kept by men in their houses. They are called domestic animals. The cow, the goat, the dog, and the horse are domestic animals. They live in their houses near our homes.

Domestic animals are kept for various purposes. They are very useful to us. Some domestic animals are kept as pets. They are kept as friends. The dog, the cat and the parrot are pet animals. The cow is the most useful of all the domestic animals. She gives us milk. Her dung is used as manure and fuel. Her skin and bones are used to make many things. Beef is eaten by many people. We do not eat beef. Hindus worship the cow as goddess Lakshami. The dog is another useful domestic animal. He guards our houses. He is very faithful to his master.

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The horse also is a useful and faithful animal. It is used for riding and carrying goods. It also draws carrying carriage. Its skin, hair, and bones are useful. Many things are made of them. Horses can run fast. They are faithful animals. The donkey also is kept as a domestic animal. The goat and sheep are useful to us. They supply us with wool and mutton. Some persons even keep elephants for riding and carrying goods. It can carry a heavy load. The cat also is a domestic animal. They kill rats.

Thus, different animals are kept for various purposes. We should take good care of the animals. Children should be kept away from some big and dangerous animals. Animals should not be teased and bothered.

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