The Telephone

The Telephone

The telephone is a kind of machine. It is also a means of communication. Through it, we can communicate with other persons over short to long distances. The telephone is very I wonderful and amazing discovery of science. It was invented in 1876 by an American scientist Graham Bell. It is modern equipment needed for each and everyone today.

The telephone of television on students in English has a transmitter and also a receiver. With the help of the transmitter, people can speak to the listeners. With the help of the receiver, people can hear on the telephone. The telephone works with the help of electricity. It helps in the exchange of sound. Every telephone has its own number. We need to dial the telephone number.

This instrument has both positive and negative aspects. The telephone is a very useful instrument for each and every person and places. It is needed in schools, offices, hospital, house, hotel and so on the field. It is also needed for students, officers, managers, policeman, doctors, nurses etc. in order to communicate with one another. We can talk with the people from faraway places. At the time of emergency, we can call policemen, doctors, ambulance, relatives and so on with the help of a telephone. Hence, it has become one of the easiest and fastest means of communication. At this very time also, a telephone is used worldwide. It has various good aspects. In spite of all these advantages, there are various defects of this modern equipment. Some people make misuse of this instrument. some people call unnecessary for others.

Hence, a telephone has various good aspects and some bad aspects. It is our duty to make very good use of this instrument. So, we need to be tactful to make good use of it. We should be aware to lake access of telephone in each and every side of the country. Then every people can take the benefits of it.

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