The Television

The Television

Television is electrical equipment. It is a means of communication. Television is a screen on which we can watch moving picture and listen to sounds. It is a modern technology invented by John Logie Baird in 1926. The short form of television is TV. It is popular all over the world. It is a very useful device in the life of human beings. Most of the houses contain this device in this modern age.

Television is a very common means of communication today. It has many advantages. If we fail to use it properly, it has many disadvantages also. And if we waste our crucial time just by watching it then we become lazy. Our valuable time goes out for no any purpose. So, it depends upon us. We should know to make this very electronic device valuable in our life. otherwise, it may be an instrument just to waste our time. In present days, different television channels have been developed in Nepal. Nepal TV, Kantipur TV, NTV Plus, Sagarmatha TV, Avenues TV, ABC TV, Image TV, Himalaya TV, and so on.

These television stations telecast different programs on the television. We watch many programmes and important events in different places every day. Besides news, it also entertains us by showing films, songs, games etc. It provides us with worldwide information. We can get and watch the worldly information and scenes in a room of our house. Too much of anything is not good. There are both merits and demerits of television. We can use it as an educational tool. It makes us aware by giving us instruction and guidelines. We can get knowledge of this instrument. In this way, we can know the lifestyle and factors of development.

Besides advantages, television can harm us. Children may be adversely affected by overuse of it. If a child watches it for a long time then his/her eyes are damaged. Not only children, other students, adults and old people may also get affected by overusing it.  We should be wise and tactful enough.

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