Importance of Discipline

Importance of Discipline

Discipline is a training of the mind and character to produce self-control, habits of obedience. It is the habit of action according to some rules and obedience to the orders of the proper authority.

Discipline is of great importance in our life. We cannot prosper anything in the world without it. If there is not any discipline we cannot imagine any peace or happiness. Discipline plays a very significant role in the life of everyone. We should be disciplined in every field such as home, school, playground, public life, army, service, etc.


Home is the first school of discipline. At home, parents teach us what to do and what not to do. Strength not enough to control a group of people. It is the discipline that makes people follow the rules and regulations. In the playground and the army barracks, the order of the head must be obeyed without questioning. If the officer asks his assistants to come to the office on time, it is the duty of the office staff. If people go on according to their own wishes, there cannot be any order and no useful work can be done by them. An organization cannot be successful if the members do not obey its laws and rules.

Thus we find that discipline is necessary for every walk of life. Discipline forms our character. The success in a life wholly depends on our character. It is the backbone of character. We should contact those people who try to bring us under discipline. Discipline, which can be learnt from our childhood, is a very important thing.

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