Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Education is the most important jewellery of the human to The word education means- a process of teaching, training, learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. The processor methods of taking and giving education vary according to time, place, level, necessity, purpose, persons, etc but it is very important for every person everywhere today.

Education is necessary for children, youths and each and every person. It is necessary at home, society and nations. It has a great social importance in modern societies. Many learned persons, educationalists have given focus on the importance of education. It makes people skilled, wise, polite, moral and helpful. Without education, no person can be a perfect human today. Education helps to uplift our living standards. Education teaches one honesty, fair play, consideration for others and a sense of right and wrong. It teaches co-operation, good citizenship, doing one’s duty and upholding the law.

Education also helps for cultural transmission in all societies. Education helps in the formation of social personality. Education helps in transmitting culture through proper moulding of social personalities. Education aims at the reformation of attitudes wrongly developed by children. It is the function of education to see that unfounded beliefs, illogical prejudices and unreasoned loyalties are removed from the child’s mind. It also helps to remove superstitions and dogmatic beliefs. An educated person is able and fit for employment. So it is also important for occupational placement. It is an instrument of earning for livelihood. It enables the youths to play a productive role in society.

Education is believed that when the mother at a home is educated, women children, she can teach all the members. Therefore, adult, women, children, male-female all need education. Education has different purpose So, it has many varieties. It differs according to purpose, need and fields. Some people need technical education, Some need vocational education. Some just study for theoretical knowledge or understanding.

Education imparts values, duties, rights and skills. It teaches one values like politeness, faith, honesty, humility, self-dependence, respect, tolerance, courage, determination and so on which are highly essential for one to lead a happy life. Thus, it prepares one for a good life. Not only for personal benefit but also it is important for any society, community and nation too. It is the backbone of development. As there is a lack of such human resources, the development works in the field of agriculture, industry, engineering, medicine and others cannot be carried out. It provides all types of human resources which are needed for the development of a country.

In this way, education is very important. Education is the main factor or infrastructure of civilization and development. It is necessary for personal, social, economic, occupational and cultural developmental. It has contributed a lot to human civilization. We cannot imagine our life without education today.

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