Today no one can be found who uses the Internet. The Internet is very common today. It is the connection of many computers in the world without any wire. The Internet is today linked to millions of computers around the world. The Internet is an international network of computers. It links government, business and academic institutions. It helps people around the world to share data using a personal computer or mobile phones.

Internet helps us to find information on almost any topic we want. The Internet enables us to run programs we do not own. Through the chat rooms, we can now talk to anyone around the world. We have now found friends around the world. We not only chat with them but we also write to them through electronic mail. We find e-mail to be an extremely useful tool. Now we can write nearly every day to people we want to. It saves our time going to the post office and buying paper, envelopes and stamps. The convenience wonderful.

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In fact, by using the Internet, people can communicate with others who are thousands of miles away. They can chat or live talk with each other. Moreover, the Internet may also be used for gaming, downloading, sharing files, etc. Thus, it has made the whole world a global village. Children can use the Internet for learning interesting rhymes and songs. Students can find good articles and syllabus for their schools. Also, they can do their homework and send it to the teacher through the Internet. However, there are also negative uses. They may open some bad sites. They may be addicted to online games and Internet chat. The Internet helps us to communicate and learn many new things. But we must learn to make its right use.

We should not become addicted to the Internet. The Internet is very useful. But overuse of anything is not good. We should use the Internet for a good purpose. If we misuse it, we can be arrested for spreading harmful rumours. Furthermore, we should not entertain abusive users.

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