My Aim in My Life

My Aim in My Life

Nobody knows about his/her future. But every person has future plans and aim in life. A person without aim in life is a boat without a destination. I also have an aim or plans in my future life. No person in this world is exactly the same to another person. Every person has different likes, wishes, interests and preferences. Different people have different aims in life. There is seldom a man who has no aim in life. A man without an ambition has no destination. Anyway, the aim is a personal thing.

Some people wish to be ministers and some rich. One of my friends’ dreams is to be a famous film star. I also like to be a great person. I also like to be popular and immortal in life. For this, I need to be neither rich nor minister or prime minister. I do not want to be a leader. I admit that a good doctor earns much that he restores a dying man and that he is greatly honoured. But with a slight lapse, he can cause death.

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My aim in life is to be a good teacher. There are many teachers but all are not good. I know a teacher’s life is difficult. He is overworked but poorly paid. He cannot build his good house, nor can afford his children high education. But his service is very noble. I have a deep love for children. The budding children are the future steersmen of society and the country. They must be made competent. Education is the foundation of all types of development.

The aim is the course of success for a person in life. It should not only for self; it should be for the welfare of others. So, I will help children to develop by giving them knowledge and widening their outlook. I will teach them morality and fill their heart with the civic sense. I will make them true citizens of the country. This, I think, is a little contribution to nation building.

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