My Daily Life – Essay

My Daily Life

Human life is full of works. Everybody has a daily routine. It is his/her daily life. I also have a daily routine. My daily life is simple. I get up early in the morning, do different activities and go to bed at night. This is my daily routine. But there are many activities I generally do in different days.

I have a sequence of many daily activities. I usually get up at six o’clock in the morning. Then I brush my teeth and take a bath. Then I go for a morning walk for half an hour. After that, I check my homework. I have my meal at half-past eight and get ready for school. I always reach my school at a quarter past nine. My school starts at half past nine for assembly. Sometimes I deliver a speech on assembly, Our regular class starts at ten o’clock. I listen attentively in the class whatever the teachers teach us. I take Tiffin in the break with my friends and return home after school is over.

I often reach school at half past four. I always wash my hands, face, and feet. Then I have a cup of tea and start doing my homework. I usually complete my homework within three hours. After that, read some books. I usually have my evening meal at eight o’clock. After a meal, I watch some television programmes and read some books. Then I go to bed at ten. On holidays, I do not have to worry about going to school. Sometimes I go to the temple to worship. I play football with my friends. I enjoy watching television also. Our father takes us on a short trip. Sometimes we go to relatives and new places too.

Every day we do many activities. We cannot remain without any activity. We should have a routine or timetable of our activities. It is a short plan for our activities. It becomes helpful to make our future plans.

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