My Last Day at School

My Last Day at School

My last day at school was the day on which I attended the class for the last time. I was a sent up student. Our test examination had finished. Usually, after the test examination, the sent-up students are let off to read for themselves.

On the last day, we had five periods of work. Each period had a different teacher. The first period to the English teacher who was also the Head Teacher. He entered the classroom just in time. As it was the last day of our work, he gave us general instructions useful for the exam. After the first period, the teachers and the students gather in the school hall.

It is customary in our school that the 9th class students bid farewell to the 10th class students. On that day the function was started by the students of 9th class. They started reading poems, sang songs and made speeches suited to the occasion. The Head Teacher’s speech moved our hearts. There were clapping on all sides. He asked us to be honest truthful and upright in our dealings.

Our monitor thanked the Head Teacher, all the students of class 9 and other teachers. After the lectures the grand tea party took place, There was a lot of fun. At 4 pm we were photographed. This was the last thing about the function. We left the school with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.

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