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My principal / Headmaster

Every school has some teaching and non-teaching staffs. They are teachers, sisters, accountant, watchman etc. The principal or headmaster is the chief of the school. He/she is a very responsive staff of the school. Prosperity, fame, success and name rests on the efficiency of the principal or Headmaster.

I read in a High School. It is well-known for its teaching and discipline. The headmaster or principal of our school is Mr S. Gautam. He is engaged heart and soul in the prosperity of the school, well being of the teachers and education of the students. Our Headmaster is a tall and healthy man. He is always dressed in neat and clean clothes. He has an impressive personality. He is an M.Ed. He has been the Headmaster of this school for seven years.

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My principal/Headmaster | EssayebookHe is very experienced. Our Headmaster plays a very imp role in the administration and teaching of the school. He has every teacher, every student and others punctual and dutiful school activity is regular. He has got a school building of ten built. He supervises the school library. He takes a keen interest in raising the standard of teaching in the school. It is because of good teaching management that the results of the SLC exam admirably well.

Besides the teaching of the school, he has got the games and sports well managed. Whenever a teacher is absent, he takes in his class himself. He is not only good headmaster but also a good teacher. He is very active, laborious, efficient and good manager.

He is a kind man. He is a patron of the poor and intelligent students. That is why he is very popular. Last year he was rewarded by the Ministry of Education for his efficiency. We are very proud to have such a good headmaster.


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