My School Library

My School Library

A library is a building in which collections of books, computer, CD, newspapers are kept for people to read or borrow. It may also be a large room where most of the books are kept. It is the center of knowledge or a temple of learning. Libraries are of different types. They can be a private library or also a public library. The library that can be used by all the citizens of a nation by being a member of it is a public library. And, the library that can be used by only the people engaged in the related Institution is a private library.

There is a very big library in my school. It is on the third floor of my school. There is a librarian in the room. The library is very clean and thousands of books and magazines related to various sectors are found over there. They are kept serially in a very systematic manner under the related sectors. Besides course books, fictions, plays, story books, joke books also can be found in the library of my school.

I frequently go to my library. We can enter the library room by showing our identity card. In the same way, we can take books from the library. Our librarian is very helpful and co-operative person. We are not allowed to make any sort of noise over there. This is the very strict rule of or library. If we do fail to bring books at a time, then we have to pay a charge for it. So, I always take and return the books of the library in time. Books are kept very clearly and tidy in our library.

In this way, my school library is of great importance. It is so because by putting all the needed matters in the library, it has made us easy to achieve knowledge from the library only. I like the library of my school very much. Same do my friends, seniors and juniors, I am very much conscious to keep the books tidy and so are my friends.

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