The Aeroplane

The Aeroplane

We can travel anywhere in the world and space in a very short time. People have developed very faster vehicles. The aeroplane is a flying vehicle. It flies in the sky. It has made the world very narrow. It is one of the wonderful inventions of science and technology in the modern world. Wright Brothers invented it in 1903.

A there are many kinds of aeroplanes. Very large jet planes to small planes are seen in the sky. Aeroplanes have different parts. A big plane has a big body, two big wings and a long tail. The front part of the aeroplane is called the cockpit. The pilot sits here. An aeroplane runs on fuel. It flies at a great speed. It carries passengers and goods from one place to another. It requires a very large area to land and to have flight. The aeroplane lands in the airport. The pilot must have good vision to fly an aeroplane. The weather must be good to fly an aeroplane.

Aeroplanes are also used for many kinds of work. Different types of aeroplanes are used for different purposes. Some aeroplanes are used for carrying passengers and cargo planes are used for carrying goods. The military planes are used for defence purposes. The aeroplanes are used to drop bombs during the time of war. Sometimes there are accidents and many people are killed on the spot. The journey by plane is costly. Today not only the rich people can afford to travel in the plane but the poor people can enjoy the pleasure of travelling in an aeroplane. It has become very popular.

The aeroplane has become the fastest and reliable means of transport today. People can reach distance places very fast. Though it is considered the safest way, there are many cautions to be taken. It was invented for fastest travel but its use in battle has caused a great trouble. We should be very careful while flying by aeroplane and other such means.

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