The Doctor and Nurses

The Doctor and Nurse

We cannot live idle without doing any work. Different people have their own jobs. Those are their occupations or living ways. Different people who do different jobs or professions have different names. Nurses and doctors work in hospitals. 

Nurses take care of patients and doctors check-up their health. We see nurses and doctors with the white coat and white hat running here and there in the hospital. Nurses help doctors. They save the lives of sick and unwell people. They sacrifice their own happiness in the service of sick and needy. Nurses are very helpful. Her job is very tough. She has to go to the hospital regularly. Sometimes, her duty hour is at night. She has to spend all her night without sleeping, in the treatments of sick people. They are responsible for carrying out the instruction of the doctors. The doctors come once and leave the instructions in the piece of paper. It is the nurse who remains with the patients all the time.

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They feed and give the necessary medicines to the patients in proper time. How hard it may be, they always remain smiling. They always talk softly with the patients become all right and return home. Every individual has his/her own nature. All persons do not possess the same nature. Nurses and doctors are good helpers. However, some nurses are a nuisance. They shout at the sick people and their relatives. Such nurses cannot heal the sickness of the patient but create more problems. Nurses and doctors should not be selfish. A selfish and money-minded person never can be a nurse or a doctor. A money-minded or selfish doctor or nurse can destroy the lives of many persons for money.

The nurses and doctors are helpful persons. They are very important persons for us. Their good nature creates comfort for the patients. Their work is very tough. Even then, they seem happy and satisfied to serve others. We all must love and respect them. We should also help them.

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