The Mobile or Cell Phone

The Mobile or Cell Phone

Mobile or cell phone is a very common means of communication today. It is a developed form of telephone. It does not have wires. We can carry it with us and use everywhere. It can be very small to large in size and one can keep it on his/her own pocket while moving here and there. It is a very wonderful equipment and an essential part for each and every individual.

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The mobile has become the key equipment for each and everyone. Today, it is very useful equipment for human beings. It is seen very simple but contains various functions. We can carry it wherever we go and whatever we do. We can talk to one another with the help of this modern equipment. Not only talking one can also send SMS to each other with the help of mobile. SMS means short message service. The SMS system is very popular among people these days. It is so because through this medium one can send a message to another easily. It is needed for students, teachers, and so on in order to contact one another at any time and also to keep in touch with one another.

There are various good and bad aspects of this equipment. There are many good aspects of mobile. One can communicate with another at any time. As it is on the hand of the owner, one can talk and communicate with the needed person at the needed time. One can keep in touch with each other through this medium. The mobile phone has also got the system of listening FM and watching pictures. It has become vital in each any every field.

Everything has positive and negative effects. It depends on how we use them. The mobile phone is the most effective and crucial means of communication on one hand and on the other hand, it has some demerits also. We should try our best to make good use of this tool rather than to use it just for the time-past purpose.


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