The Newspaper

The Newspaper

The newspaper is also a means of communication. It is a sheet of large printed sheet of paper containing news, articles, advertisement and so on. It is the paper which carries news of all four directions. There are many daily newspapers in our country.

There are many newspapers in the world. In our country also Gorkhapatra, Kantipur, Nepal Samachar Patra, Rajdhani, Nagarik and so on are popular newspapers. These are published in the Nepali language. There are also different English medium newspapers. They are the Kathmandu Post, The Himalayan Times, Rising Nepal and so on. Most papers are daily. Besides daily, there are also weekly newspapers in our country. Gorkhapatra is the oldest daily newspaper in our country, Nepal. The newspaper contains all the worldly events. It contains important news related to political, economic, social, religious and other many sectors.

There are various advantages of newspaper to all ages of people. It provides different education and awareness to them. Children are also free to send their creative writing in the newspaper. Businesspersons and the manager give a different advertisement in the newspaper. Besides children and young people, old people do also feel happy to read a newspaper. They become curious to know the articles and events included in the newspaper. In spite of all these good aspects, there are bad aspects to a newspaper. Some newspapers forget their main objectives in the process of earning the profit. It means some newspapers give importance in making their own profit rather than publishing true and factual news and articles. The public must get tactful to distinguish between the right newspaper and the wrong newspaper.

Newspapers are useful for us. They are good sources of news, views and good time pass. The newspaper has many benefits for us We should make good use of it and be aware of the misuse of it. W should make a good choice of newspapers.

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