The Police

The Police

There are different types of professions. Some people work as soldiers, some as pilots, some as engineers, some as farmer etc. Most countries in the world have police and armies. The police person is a police officer.

The main job of a police is to maintain law and order in society. His/her job is to save life and property. He/she is an important person whose presence is essential in every society. He/she has a great responsibility toward his/her country and its people. His/her main duty is to maintain peace and security in the country. A policeman has great responsibilities. The job of the policeman is very difficult and sensitive too. The policeman is supposed to be polite. Sometimes he/she has to be very strict to maintain peace and security.

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The policeman is a very wise, clever and tactful person. Hard works, education, good health and so on are very much required to become a policeman. One can easily recognize him everywhere. The policeman wears a unique uniform at the time of his duty. We can see him carrying a stick on his hand. He also has a gun with him so that he can remain himself safe and also protect the lives of other ordinary people when needed. There are different types of police. They have different ranks too. But there is a good example of discipline, respect and responsibility. There is a good chain of command. Juniors respect seniors and seniors encourage and guide the juniors. He does not like bad people like that. He works for the sake of us. Hence, we should also behave very kindly with him. We respect him and help him when needed.

There should be a good relationship between police and the public. We should behave properly with the police and help him. The policemen also should behave properly with the public. Then only there is peace, law, and order in the community.

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