The Radio

The Radio

The radio is a means of communication. the radio is a wonderful gift of science, invented by an Italian Scientist, Marconi in 1902. It is a very common thing in our country. It was invented by Marconi, Alexanders improved it. The radio-set is like a box. It is worked by battery or electricity. The broadcasting station sends electric waves. The radio set receives them. The electric waves are changed into sound waves. Then we hear the sound.

Our country has many broadcasting stations. The radio is very useful for us. We know what is happening in the world from the radio. The radio delights us with sweet songs. It entertains us with stories. We hear the speeches of great and learned people. Many radio stations broadcast various programmes for students. The radio teaches farmers about agriculture. It has a great educative value. It is a kind of teacher or teaching instrument also. It is a wireless instrument useful for each and every person. It is the easiest means and medium through which we can get entertainment and also worldly information.

Radio Nepal is the oldest channel in Nepal. Other FM channels developed in the recent days are Kantipur FM, Image FM, Sagarmatha FM, Metro FM, City FM, Star FM and so on in the valley. There are many FM stations out of a valley. The radio can be found in different sizes. People can buy the radio according to their wish. The defect of radio is if we become crazy about different programs and do not want to miss any program. It directly hampers our study. Our attention may not be at our study. It may also create negative effects in other tasks, too.

The radio is a very popular means of communication, entertainment, and knowledge but it may be harmful if we use it in the wrong way. In this way, there are both merits and demerits of the radio and it depends upon us. We can make it a beneficial instrument or not. We must be wise to make it a beneficial instrument for us. We should manage our time to listen to the radio in one hand and do our task on another hand. We should be very careful while using such instruments.


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