The Teacher

The Teacher

A person who shares or gives knowledge or teaches someone or any institution is a teacher. But different levels of teacher have different names. In general, a teacher is a person who teaches in the school. A teacher or a person who teaches in a college is a lecturer. A teacher in university is a professor. A teacher is the one who teaches the students to learn to read, write, talk and above all be disciplined.

A teacher is a respected person in society. He/she is also a very responsible person too. A good teacher can make fruitful and good future for many children; a bad can destroy it. Education cannot be given to the student unless and until there is a good teacher. A teacher must have all the qualities in order to be a good teacher. He should be the example for the students. He has to be a friend, a guide, a parent and a controller. A teacher has many responsibilities. He is respectful by all in the society. A teacher serves his country directly. Hence, a teacher occupies an important place in the society and we must all love and respect him.

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The teacher should be very friendly. They should understand our feeling. They must not discriminate. They should think all the students equal. The teacher should be very active, smart and clean. He/she should be liked by every person. In the past, the students were taught in their teacher’s house all the things necessary of life. The students were very respectful and obedient. They were disciplined too. But nowadays, it is different. The students are gathered in a place and taught They are taught in schools or colleges. The teachers are paid for their teaching. Teachers think to teach as their only duty or ich Only a few teachers are serious and responsible to their children and society. They are careless. So they have less respect.

In conclusion, the students’ future depends upon a teacher. A good teacher is always admired by all. So, a teacher should be a good model for society.

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