Travelling is going from one place to another place. People go abroad for various purposes. People do not like to remain in one place. Life becomes monotonous. People do not travel always with the same purpose. Some people travel to gain knowledge. Some go ř healthy places for a change of air to improve their health. Merchants travel for their business.

Travelling has many benefits. It is part and parcel of our education. Without travelling, education is incomplete. It makes us remember many things easily. Geography books enable us to read about mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, etc. We read about men and things from different parts of the world. We can learn much about manners, cultures and customs of many people. It makes our mind shiny.

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Many famous travellers of ancient times visited Nepal. By reading their past accounts we can learn much about our country at that time. Many people travel to different places to improve their health. Travelling is also a source of pleasure to us. We see new objects and beautiful natural scenery. This refreshes our tired body and fills our mind with great delight.

In former times, travelling was not an easy thing. It was very difficult and dangerous. So people did not travel much in those days. They used many things. It required much time also. But today it has become easy to go from one place to another. In the past people travelled by boat, cart or on foot but nowadays they use s trains, motor cars or aeroplanes. There is generally no danger of being robbed on the way. Accidents sometimes occur. Still, people in great numbers are now fond of travelling.

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