Wild Animals

  Wild Animals

Some animals live at our home. We make homes for some animals. Some animals live in a forest. The animals, which live in the jungle, are called wild animals. Wild Animals are tigers, lions, leopards, foxes, monkeys, deer, squirrel, kangaroos and so on.

Some animals like elephants, tigers, lions etc. live on lang. Animals like monkeys, squirrels, and chameleon etc. spend most of their time on trees. Generally, birds can fly in the air. Some animals live in water. They are called aquatic animals. They are fish, crabs, dolphins etc. Some animals such as alligators, tortoises, frogs etc can live both on land and in water. Different animals eat different things. Wild animals like tigers, lions, foxes, etc. eat the flesh of other animals.

Some animals eat plants and flesh also. People kill wild animals. It is not good to kill animals. People clear the jungle for the agriculture and settlement. They cut down the trees for firewood. timber and building materials. The jungle is the living place of wild animals. If we destroy it wild animals cannot survive. We can preserve wild animals. Wild animals preserve the forest, plant trees set up wildlife reserves and national parks. We should make strict rules to ban the hunting of wild animals and birds…

Animals are very useful for humans. Not only domestic but also wild animals are very important for us. Therefore, we have to preserve them at any cost. They are the sources of our nation.


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